Flaghead Chine Seaside Garden & Beach Huts

Project completed 20th June 2018
This page last updated 25th June 2018

The Project

Four large family beach huts and a stunning trio of Portland stone shell sculptures are the focal point of a new Seaside Garden at Flaghead Chine.

Designed to connect the spectacular views through the wooded chine onto the beach and beyond to the Purbeck Hills, the garden offers younger visitors the opportunity for sensory & quiet play, and creates an inspirational meeting point for friends and family.

Enjoy a timelapse video shot over the course of the renovation project 

  • June 2018 The beach huts were delivered to site on 12th June, and the bespoke seashell sculptures arrived on 20th June to complete the beautiful new Seaside Garden; they feature a Whelk, Ammonite & Sea Urchin.
  • April 2018 Works commenced on Monday morning, 16th April with the setting-up of the compound; over the following 6 weeks we cleared the site, digging up the promenade, removing kerbs & edgings in preparation for the improvements.
  • Public access was maintained at all times through the chine and along the promenade; fencing erected around the space for the new garden resulted in a short diversion.
  • March 2018 Sculptor Phil Bews created small scale models, called maquettes, of our new stone shells. These helped the stonemasons, Albion Stone, plan how they would make the large shells 


The Plans

The Seaside Garden & Beach Huts project:

  • Provides an additional four large family beach huts for annual hire to Poole residents
  • Creates a memorable ‘arrival’, with Purbeck Stone planters, boulders and seating to admire the views across the golden sandy beach
  • Acts to link the Chine with the Beach
  • Offers a space for quiet reflection, for socialising and for sensory play, with planting and sea shells to climb on
  • Maintains the open views from the beach huts and when approaching from the Chine.

Beach Hut design

Flaghead Chine: before the project

Project Details

Garden Budget £55,000
Funding Coastal Communities Fund
Beach Huts Budget £30,000
Funding Borough of Poole
Garden Project Design Barbara Uphoff
Garden Project Lead Reuben Hawkwood
Lead Contractor BCP Council, Poole Street Scene Services

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